Snježana Pokos-Vujec ( Varaždin, Croatia, 1965 ) began working with ceramics in 2003 at the ceramic course held by Varaždin’s ceramicist Blaženka Šoić Štebih. After the basic course, her training continued with the famous ceramicists: Ilona Romule ( 2013 and 2015 ), Heidi Nonnenmacher ( 2014 ), Velimir Vukičević ( 2014 ), Mami Kato ( 2016 ), Graziela Olio ( 2017 ) and Rafael Perez ( 2019 ). 

In 2016, she was at an artist residency in Fuping, China, at the FuLe International Ceramic Art Museum ( FLICAM ). In 2017 she attended the International Ceramic Art Symposium CERAMIC LABORATORY held in the Latvian city of Daugavpils “Mark Rothko Art Centre” and this year she is a member of the jury for the selection of artists who will attend the 6th International Ceramic Art Symposium in Daugavpils. 

She also participated in the symposium Arte in situ in Ronjgi and Vodnjan, as well as at the international competition in the production of Raku within the festival of Argilla in Faenza. With a group of ceramicists and biologists she was working on the Mare Modul project.

Snježana Pokos-Vujec’s works are in holdings of the Riga Porcelain Museum ( Latvia ), the FuLe International Ceramic Art Museum ( Fuping, China ), the Collection of Contemporary Ceramic Kaerameikon ( Varaždin ), the Collection of art moulding workshop Plemenitaš 

( Lukovdol ), the Collection of miniature arts of HDLU Rijeka, the Collection “Mark Rothko Art Centre”  ( Daugavpils ), in the Collection of Institutions in Culture Ivan Matetić Ronjgov ( Ronjgi ), and in the Collection Solidea Guerra ( Vodnjan ). 

She is a member of the Croatian Association of Artists of Applied Arts – ULUPUH and the Croatian Freelance Artists Association- HZSU.

Snježana Pokos-Vujec graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb in 1990.